What would you do to make a difference?

Hello all,

I am excited to now be working towards my black belt. Time to structure and execute on a project that gives back to the community as part of that training. I have some ideas, but I am sure there are many great ideas that I haven't considered. Anyone like to share your ideas of great projects? I'd love to hear them! --Jan
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  • what I did for my Black belt project was that I read to my brother every night for a month to help him learn to read. I also think that running in a fund raiser for a cancer or disease of some sort could help.
  • how about something about plastics? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfq000AF1i8
    there is a ton of info out thre. we could make it into a short presentation for everyone, and do a challenge regarding it: no plastic bottles for a week? or something like that.
    environmental self defense

    also: we could use help with calling the kids on the homework challenge--

    or: i liked the thing about skating

    or: there is a great guy at thinkkindness.org, and he would coordinate with you to present to the schools in the area to do a team kindness project

    also: on sustainability: there is a great big bunch of info on line by the same person who made the water bottle story video. her organization is in seattle, and she has curriculum about conscious consumption--- maybe get together with her and see how we could make a 2 week curriclum sort of thing for our students? i think the video is called the story of stuff.

    just some ideas:)
  • Hi Jan,

    We are doing a food drive again the food bank is low. You could help get that going.
    You could do a Kindness Project--Do 10 acts of kindness and have 10 other people do 10 acts of kindness totally 100 acts.
    You could help with get the kids excited about the homework challenge.
    We have green team--we go out and clean up the parks on mercer island and leave our green team signs
    Those are some off the top of my head although, you should do something that you are passionate about.
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