3820654840?profile=original1.What are my goals upon having reached black belt for my future training and learning?

In the future, I hope to continue increasing my flexibility, confidence, and strength all of which martial arts has helped with but I always want to improve. I have always had problems with my flexibility, but I would like to get better at it. Confidence will come with age and experience and strength will come by doing more Martial Arts and other physical activities. I think the most honest answer for me is that I want to feel comfortable defending myself in a real situation. I am 18 years old and I am starting to travel by myself and live on my own. Hopefully I will never have to use my training, but if it comes to that then I want to feel like I can defend myself.

  1. What kind of black belt will I be?

During my time in the Martial Arts studio, I strive to be a good leader. I enjoy helping other martial artists learn skills and techniques that I have learned. I especially like helping younger students. I want them to have fun, while improving their skills and confidence.

In addition to inside the Martial Arts studio, outside in the real world, I hope to be the kind of black belt that is respectful of other human beings.

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