You won't believe this video: or maybe, you will.

This video shows exactly why I teach, rather we teach, Bully prevention at MIMA --   We have literally taught hundreds of hours, mostly unpaid to kids from all over the greater Seattle area.  We teach not only the target, but also the kids who bully about tolerance and respect for others and self, and perhaps most importantly, we teach bystanders how to handle it.

We teach kids, that they have power, and how to use it.   And sometimes that means getting help, the thing that often requires the most courage.   Sometimes, using power means to physically, or verbally defend themselves, and they learn how to do that with us.   Most of the time, it means, having the courage to do something.   Don’t just stand there do something.   And the kids we teach learn what kinds of things they can do, with the power that they do have.  

We teach empowerment.


Sometimes people, adults, forget, or don't really feel what it can be like;  I know I forget sometimes.   This video brings it close to the bone.  


I have heard folks say, even to me, "kids will be kids", or "just punch the bully once and they will back down because they are cowards", or "girls are mean/boys will be boys" ---   it isn't that.   Imagine, if you were at work, or in the grocery store, and someone did what is in this video to you, or someone you love.   It is violence.   Pure and simple.   

Violence, repeated, and intentionally directed at a particular person.  I don't know about you, but I'm certain that if these people who behave this way, are not helped at this age -- well who knows who will they grow up to be?

Research says that the victims can become violent themselves, that kids who bully often become involved in the criminal justice system, and I know for sure from working with so many kids over these 20 years — that the bystanders feel ashamed.  

Whether a kid has experienced any of those three roles in the bully violence cycle yet, it is nearly impossible that they won’t at some point.   Send them to me, before it is a problem.   This is your opportunity to give them the skills they need, to teach them to swim before they fall out of a boat, as it were.  If they ar

already experiencing this  —  give them the chance to learn real skills to handle it.   

We can as a community, decrease the violence and shame, and increase peace, and respect.   

About the Author:

MeLisa Turcott 

Strongheart is a Master Instructor and owner at Mercer Island Martial Arts.  She is in the process of testing for her 7th Dan, and also holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology, Mental Health Counseling.   She brings these two areas of specialization to her work with families, children, teens, and in designing curriculum.   

Master Strongheart emphasizes and has taught thousands of students the value and power of respect.   Respect for oneself, other, and the community.   

 (MIMA), located on Mercer Island between Bellevue and Seattle in Washington is celebrating 20 years on the island in 2017.  MIMA's curriculum is intentionally designed to build fitness, flexibility, self-defense, as well as to create a milieu which engenders physiological growth, respect, courage, and community activism and leadership. 


MIMA has programs for families to practice side by side, as well as adult, teen, and children's classes.  Also offers before and after school, and summer camp programs for kids.


You can contact through email:; calling 206 230-9050.


The school is located at:

2630 77th Ave SE #106-108 Mercer Island, WA 98040 

Parking free under the building.

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