Solis Garavito—Black Belt Requirements

My Five Living Heroes 

  1. My mom because she always helps me by encouraging me to be my very best.
  2. My dad because he always helps me when I’m stuck on something he helps me become a better person.
  3. Luna because she keeps me on track and helps me when I need help. She also makes me laugh (sometimes).
  4. Mrs. Millison because she helps me in math every time I’m stuck on a problem in math.
  5. Everyone at martial arts because they help me every day of becoming a better martial artist.

What are goals upon having reached black belt for my future training and learning?

My goals are to teach and lead different things at martial arts. My other goal is to learn some more sword fighting techniques (foam swords).

What kind of black belt will I be?

The black belt I want to be is a nice and fun black belt with a supportive attitude that can help, teach and show people what to do.

I have seen many changes in Solis since the start of this journey. In addition to the increase in confidence, the practice has enhanced some of his innate characteristics. He has always shown a deep caring for those younger than him. Marital arts has given him the place to cultivate his leadership/teaching abilities and I know this will continue to grow as his matures. Earning his Black Belt will give Solis more opportunities to shape his character and challenge him in ways that will serve him well in life.

Sandra Everingham, Mom


Solís has received many valuable, lifetime lessons on his journey to attaining his black belt. First and foremost, Solís has gained a comfort with his place in the world. As he grows to understand his connection to himself and to others, the core value of respect inculcated at martial arts will continue to blossom within him. Second, Solís's persistence and desire to follow through has been reflected both in and out of school. He's developing a balanced sense of pride for things in which he excels, as well as a desire to get better and push to his potential. Lastly, the wonderful blanket of family/community with which Solís has been surrounded, has allowed him to feel safe, protected, and supported. My hope is that he can continue to spread his wings and try new things, with the innate sense that it's ok to "fail" because their is no failure in one's journey.

Javier Garavito, Dad


Solis has always been very determined and ready for anything which is why I think he made it this far and never gave up. The change he has gone through from when he was a white belt is amazing. He used to be much more scared and didn’t have a lot of confidence and because he was so determined, he didn’t back down. This helped him grow and change into a more outgoing person. I feel like martial arts has really helped him become stronger and really believe he deserves to get his black belt for working so hard.

Luna, Sister

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