To:  Grandmaster Strongheart and Master Wells

Fr:  Tia Mikols

Re: Letter of Recommendation for Susanne Blaberg




It’s really exciting for me to write this letter for Susanne, though I am not the friend who has known her for her whole life.  Mostly, I claim her as a friend who shares her enthusiasm for martial arts and good food which is practically the same as being lifelong friends.


I first met she and her family when we rented a house a block away about 6 years ago.  Kamia and Casper attended the same school and had to wait at the bus stop each morning which meant parents congregated in the rain as well.  Through this morning ritual we got to know our new neighborhood and a really wonderful group of people.  Over the following two years Susanne and her family, who seemed very quiet at first, would gamely participate in social events ranging from your traditional dinner out to more half-baked ideas (street luge where Susanne killed the time-trials) and events that showcased her creative side (Happy Meals anyone?).  Through it all I have ever known her to be warm, thoughtful, smart and admittedly an unexpected badass.


We moved away from that neighborhood but thankfully Susanne kept in touch which is really the whole reason we found this space to grow as a family.  Since introducing us to MIMA I have really seen another side to Susanne.  She has the rare quality of quiet leadership and determination which speaks volumes for those she interacts with.  It has been a pleasure to see her progress to this point.  I have no doubt that her children are talented and caring but seeing Susanne rise in her own right makes me smile.  One of my favorite things about working with her during class is her readiness to help and encourage her classmates, her easy friendliness and approachability and really just watching her do her thing.  She is quick on her feet and graceful and makes everything look smooth and easy. 


As she tests for her black belt I feel that she will draw from her best qualities to move forward and honor the tradition.  I wish her the best of luck but I kinda feel she doesn’t really need it.  Thanks for the opportunity to support her, I am honored to do so.


Warm Regards,



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