Recommendation for Susanne Blaberg from Casper Rublowsky

  Susanne Blaberg is a great leader, competitor, and most importantly a great mother.

My mom is an amazing leader, she helps me and my sister stay on track, helping us in all sports, and school work if she knows it or not. A great leader has flexibility, and confidence my mom shows this when she gets an email about sport location changes last minute, and needing to dive me to 2 practices in a row. She knows we won't come home with a bad report card or missing a layup in basketball or an easy catch in football.

A story about my mom is when she was 16 she got cortisone shot in her foot because she sprained her ankle in a basketball game, she had to play. Susanne is an amazing mom she has driven me to over 200 practices 40 games, that’s about 120 hours of driving and counting.

Thank you Mom for helping  me with everything I do.

Casper Rublowsky

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Comment by Jen Mills on May 11, 2017 at 8:28pm
This is so lovely!

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