Profile of a Hero of the Greatest Generation

"A sense of personal responsibility and a commitment to honesty is characteristic of this generation.  Those were values bred into the young men and women coming of age at the time the war broke out.  Its how they were raised." Tom Brokaw, The Greatest Generation  Grandma is a member of the Greatest Generation.  A Southern, farm-raised, educated, beautiful, kind, and stubborn woman; she spoke to me often about the values of kindness and giving.  She worked hard, had great faith, and lived life bravely even when it was difficult.  She loved her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, brothers, and sisters and their families with all of her heart.  One of the things that I will always remember fondly of my grandmother is her warmth and pride in me - she kept newspaper clippings, piano recital programs, softball team photos, diving competition results.  She was so proud to see me graduate from college and then from medical school.  She was proud of Kaleb and all of his accomplishments as she was proud of all of her great-grandchildren.   She was glad that life wasn't as hard for me as it was for her, yet she always made sure that I understood the history that provided for the good fortune of my life.  I'm not sure I appreciated any of that until I was much older, but it is now one of the lessons that I hope to pass on to my child.  As I sit now holding vigil at her bedside, knowing that these are her last moments, it seems appropriate that I honor her as one of my heroes.   May she be free of her frail and tired body soon, and may her vivacious, faithful, honest, and beautiful spirit live on; may the lessons of her life, and of the Greatest Generation not be lost.
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  • Beautiful story Jen, I am truly touched, what a great woman. 

  • What a touching story

  • Jen - that is an amazing story, about a amazing lady....

  • Thanks Master Wells and Master Strongheart....I really appreciate your kind words so very much!


  • thank you for sharing this -- it really has touched me this evening.  Sounds like she clearly is one of the great ones.   And actually, Jen, I believe you embody those traits so her spirit, and lessons do live on.  And I hope you will pass them on, and I believe you are already,  with this post, to the next generation, not only to Kaleb, but also to the next generation of MIMA black belts.    

  • This is great, Jen!  Thank you for sharing one of your living hero's with us!

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