My Recommendation for Ariel

Ariel Abad will make a wonderful black belt candidate. Ariel and I practically started at MIMA at the same time. Both of us have been partners throughout most of the classes at MIMA. We have always pushed and helped each other get better. Aside from practicing together, I have seen him help other students become better as well. As we’ve practiced together, I have seen Ariel improve after every class. I believe Ariel’s positive nature at MIMA is a clear reflection of how he is as a person as a whole.

From the few years that I have gotten to known Ariel; I have known him to be an extremely supporting husband as well as a great father figure to his three children. He is able to take care of three, young children as well as juggle a full-time job. What is impressive, is that he is still able to find time to practice Taekwondo with work and his family. Ariel also has a wonderful and very supportive network of family members.

Being a black belt is more than just working out a few times a week. It is also about who you are as a person and how you live. I believe that Ariel’s qualities as a husband, father as well as his dedication as a Taekwondo student, will make him be a perfect black belt candidate.

-CGN Ken Li

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