Living Heros #4
Sabina Leveque

Sabina is kind, persistent, smart, and artsy. I very much hope to someday be very much like her. Sabina was born in Ann Arbor, MI on January 16, 2008. I was right there in the waiting room with my Grandma as she came into the world. By the time she was eight months old, we had moved to Mercer Island. She immeiatley took a liking to art. At school, at home, in the car, she was always doing art. Her pictures plastered the walls of our home, and my parents work. She started going to school, and loved it. We got a new Nanny around that time, Maritza, and she was very kind to her. She always got good grades in school, and kept at it. She started going to Northwood elementery starting in 3rd grade. By then, she already was great in piano, art, and school. She is now going into 4th grade at Northwood elemetery. She keeps going, even when times are hard. I hope to be very much like her.

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