Ansel Leveque
Living Heros #2
J.C. Leveque

My dad is a great leader, inspiring doctor, and amazing at biking. He is also persitent, hard-working, and smart. My dad went to school in Washington, D.C., and was very good at it. He graduated collage only to go back to school a few years later to get his medical degree. During this time, he married my mom, Thellea, and moved to Michigan. He did a lot of schoolwork and a lot of school. He started out being an average Neroseurgon, but he immidiatley got great at it. All his years of schoolwork had paid off. He later had two kids, me, and my sister Sabina. About 3 years later, he moved from Ann Arbor, MI, to Seattle, WA. A few years after that, he started biking. When I was 9 years old, he did the Seattle to Portland bike ride for the first time. He was going to bike the two hundred miles in two days, but he pushed through, and did it in one day for his first time. He has been doing that yearly since I was nine. This shows how hardworking and persistent he is. About a year after he did the STP for the first time, he was recocnized one of Seattle's top doctors. This shows that he never gives up. Around that time, he pulled me into his biking. I immediately got the hang of it. This most recent year, in July, i did the STP along side him. The fact that i was able to do it demonstrated his leadership abilities. At this moment, he is still considered one of Seattle's top doctors, and is still going strong. I very much hope to one day, be very much like him.

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