My Living Heros

Living Heros #3
Ansel Leveque

My Mom is very hardworking, intelligent, peaceful, and loving. She was born in California. She loved school from her first day. It might have been hard for her at times, but she pulled through. Her Mom, my Grandma, was very loving to her, and also very smart. There might have been times when she and her mom fought, but they always made up. Her mom got divorced from her Dad when she was three years old. She went to collage at Amherst along with my Dad. She first saw my Dad playing in a band named Rosemary Cain and liked him from the start. She graduated college, only to go back a few years later to go to medical school with my Dad in Ann Arbor, MI. They had a kid (Me) and then about two and a half years later, had my sister (Sabina). They moved to Mercer Island, WA when my sister was eight months old. My dad was a Neurosurgeon, and my Mom became a Ophthalmologist. My grandma (Her mom) moved to Mercer Island, WA a few years later. (A few years earlier her Mom had moved back to Texas). My mom is now a Ophthalmologist on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and is at home most of the time on the other days (She sometimes is still called in to work on the other days). She loves me and my sister, and she is a great Ophthalmologist. I very much hope to be like her one day.

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