My Final and Most Important Heroes

My final two heroes are my Mom and my Dad.  As routine as it may seem for a person to say that their parents are their heroes, I don't think there is anything average about my parents.
I admire my Dad for his strong work ethic, his desire to help others, his teachings to me that all people are equal and that I should never 'judge a book by it's cover'.  I admire him for turning his health around late in his life after a cancer diagnosis--for doing what most people never do and working hard to change his diet, start to exercise, and finally (better late than never!) quitting smoking.  
I admire my Mom equally for her work ethic, for dedicating herself to my brother and I when we were young, and then working her way back into the work force when we were older.  She is truly dedicated to her teaching and manages to smile even when her work is tough.  She is kind, caring, always thinking of others, and one of the most dear and loving people that I know.  
I am proud to call them my parents, and am grateful to them for giving me a good example of what it means to be a great parent.  
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