My 5 living hero’s

1. Ringo Starr: I consider Ringo Starr a hero because my family love to listen to the classic rock band the Beatles. I have grown up with the Beatles music and I idolize them as musicians and as people.
2. Mom: my mom is one of my biggest heroes because even when she is stressed at work an super busy, she still makes time for me. The other reason is I wouldn’t be anywhere close to black belt if it weren’t for her. The first time I came to the dojang was because she wanted me to try something new.
3. Dad: my dad is also a very important person in my life who has made me who I am today. My dad also has gotten our family through good times and bad. He has taught me that hard work and determination can get you most places. Among other things he has tutored me to become better at my core subjects which has really helped me along with my values.
4. Murl Allen Sanders: Murl Allen Sanders is not only a famous musician, but also my accordion teacher. Although he is mostly just my teacher I still admire him a a person and as a musician. He helped me learn the accordion when nobody else could. He has also taught me the value of practice. If I wanted to get better at the accordion then I had to practice, he wasn’t interested in teaching somebody who wasn’t interested in learning.
5. My grandpa: my grandpa, built his life up from next to nothing. He was a professional musician at one point but then became a real estate and insurance agent. I also value the fact that he has taught me most of my music abilities. He is also my grandfather so I have to idolize him but I don’t just idolize him because he is my grandpa. I idolize him because he taught me so much and worked so hard so I can have a good life, and so he can see my life.

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