Today we worked with the kids with their mindfulness meditation and breathing meditation.  We keep it fairly simple, to sit, in good posture, and focus on breathing in silently through the nose, and exhaling a little more slowly.   And paying attention to slowing breath.  Keeping mind on the breathing.   Relaxing and softening muscles and the body.   

We talked to them about using this tool when they are experiencing strong emotions like fear, anger, anxiety, as a way to decrease those difficult feelings.  To let them go through the exhale, and body relaxation.   
Also that it is a good tool to use when transitioning from one activity to another.  We also talked about how fear, for example, is a natural feeling to have when trying new things, meeting new people or situations, and that it is uncomfortable to try to do difficult things sometimes.   That fear isn’t bad, and that there are ways to decrease it to make it easier to do the challenging things despite it.   

About the Author:

MeLisa Turcott Strongheart is a Master Instructor and owner at Mercer Island Martial Arts.  She is a 7th Dan Master Instructor.  She also holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology, Mental Health Counseling.   She brings these two areas of specialization to her work with families, children, teens, and in designing curriculum.   

Master Strongheart emphasizes and has taught thousands of students the value and power of respect.   Respect for oneself, other, and the community.   

 (MIMA), located on Mercer Island between Bellevue and Seattle in Washington is celebrating 20 years on the island in 2017.  MIMA's curriculum is intentionally designed to build fitness, flexibility, self-defense, as well as to create a milieu which engenders physiological growth, respect, courage, and community activism and leadership. 


MIMA has programs for families to practice side by side, as well as adult, teen, and children's classes.  Also offers before and after school, and summer camp programs for kids.


You can contact through email:; calling 206 230-9050.


The school is located at:

2630 77th Ave SE #106-108 Mercer Island, WA 98040 

Parking free under the building.

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