Middle Belt Children Training Question

We recently received an email from one of the parents regarding their child's training and thought it might be nice to share some of the answers:


In regard to "forms"every 2 months the children work on a new form.  We call them poomse in Korean.   Right now we are working on "nooktipoomse"   here is a link to a video of the form  http://mercerislandmartialarts.ning.com/video/adult-formnook-te

The children who are yellow belt and above and are in one of our advanced teams work on the first 6 moves of the form

They is also work  on the poomse called: kibonpoomse number 2, which unfortunately I don't have a video of yet. 

In terms of other forms if you go to video section on this website you can find others that they have worked on, and continue to work on.   We rotate through kumti, nookti, jah ti ; along with kibonpoomse 1,2,3---  until they get to high belt then they will continue on those forms and add more.  By the time they make it to blue belt (the first high belt) they should be very capable on six poomse.


As far as the structure/time per subject sort of emphasis idea it roughly is as such daily:

Goal setting/philosophy 2-4 min (typically it is this long, when training on a new subject it can be longer due to subject matter)

Warm ups

Forms (poomse above)


Kicking combos on pads, on gear, in air, on heavy bags, in conjunction with an obstacle course (depending on the day we do the kicking in different ways, each class has an emphasis for the day: for instance:  yesterday was round house kicks)


We often to obstacle courses so that we can combine agility, strength, plymetrics, and speed drills and skills building along with the technical aspects of kicking, and make sure they are working in a good cardio/endurance building way.


Self defense/chong kal kiro gi  (with each section the children work on 2 concepts. They learn 2 per rotation, and by the time they reach blue belt will have competency on 12)


Practical self defense:  (for example next week we will be working on posture=empowerment.   Body language, reading it, and sending it)  this will be combined in the self defense/chongkal section


We rotate throughout the week work on weapons:  nunchucks, short sword. 


And then we end with a 3-5 min game.





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