JackieChan.jpg?width=159Jackie Chan


To me Jackie is a noble hero, but I prefer Bruce Lee. But since he is no longer alive, and I need to write on a living hero, I had no either choice than Jackie Chan.


Jackie Chan kind of looks like a ninja monkey when he does all his fancy kicks & spins, unlike Bruce that  goes strong and stiff on his enemies but also has a handful of speed. They both have completely different styles and technique.


Jackie is not only an awesome martial artist, but he is also a very generous person he offered a check of a total of 4.14 million dollars to UNICEF and two other organizations for children.




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  • Great job on posting Alex

  • i'm almost there. a few more things to do (working on the video script). I'm very excited.

    I'll see you at the camp in 2 weeks


  • Nice work Alex!   are you making progress on your other testing requirements?   essays?   Feel free to use video reports if you prefer them to writing.   Hope you are having a great summer.

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