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3820637058?profile=original1.  Cool factor

Think about the difference between saying: "yeah, i  plan a little golf, and go on the treadmill a few times a week"  and ,   "Yeah, i do some kicking and boxing drills, some pad work and self defense training, we warm down with a little yoga and resistance core work" .  I mean come on, it is just cool.

2.  Business Sharpness  

If there is one thing you must do to thrive in martial arts, in the ring as it were, is to develop the ability to think clearly, creatively, and stay focu

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My weekly push for 2nd Dan.

Hello again. This was a tough week for me, I worked late three days and I lost my aunt Sebing yesterday. I was only able to make one class this week, but what a class! We got worked! I love it! When I can barely stand at the end of a class I know it has been a good one. I would like more of those please.

 To everyone, keep working hard and you will get where you what to go. 

 I am as motivated as ever. See you in class.

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My weekly push for 2nd Dan.

Black%20Belt%202nd%20Deg.jpg?width=288I had so much fun last night!

I am very motivated to push forward. I am working at a new job so making class on time will be catch as catch can. I am hoping that I will be able to make Tuesday and Thursday like usual.

I am  little tired today but it feels great. I wish I had more time to give to the other students to help them along, I feel it is important that I give as much as I can.

This journey is starting to feel like giving is more important than receiving. And I like how that feels.

If any st

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  3820636575?profile=original There aren't many things that I enjoy more than a good heart pounding workout.  I try to mix things up so that I don't get bored, which happens easily.  Running, hiking, trail running, biking, lifting weights, annoying my fiancee...just to name a few that I cycle through most often.  Then there's the one that I do daily at the Dojang and the one that I would like to invite you to. 

   Currently we are doing a noon class on Thursday's.  So far we have a handful of people coming regularly but it

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