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Online Video's of all the Forms

Over the years, I have collected videos of all the forms and made them available on YouTube. To help people locate them, I created a YouTube channel called "Mercer Island Martial Arts - Forms".  Since there is a belt tests next week, I thought I'd post a link for everybody again.

Thanks, Kenny

MIMA Forms YouTube Channel

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As our beautiful summer does its best to hold off fall it is easy to forget that the season began with a terrible bang (more accurately, several bangs) with the shootings at Café Racer Espresso in the U District. While I didn’t know any of the victims, I had seen Joe Albanese & Drew Keriakedes perform, we had mutual friends and that was close enough to effect me. 

As the details of events began to emerge in the following days I was struck by the actions of one of the shooting’s survivor’s Mr.

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Okay, okay, hear me out, before giving me any weird looks (I know giving your child ice cream for dinner, probably isn't the best idea)! I was going through my daily news sources and while I was watching one of them on YouTube last night, I came across this story. So, please take a moment to watch this, it's only 2.5 minutes, it was so touching! [Insert 2.5 minute pause here] I almost broke down in tears when I finished watching this, so I just wanted to say, everyone, enjoy your lives and the p

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An Adults Journey to Black Belt

3820640945?profile=originalI have always been intrigued with the world of martial arts.  I remember as a kid watching Hong Kong Phooey and dreaming of being a super hero when I grew up, kicking away the bad guys and fighting for justice with my trusty sidekick!  Needless to say, the family cat did not always enjoy practicing this with me (sorry TIG). 

Thanks to the influence of Paula Abdul, I spent my childhood in tap dance class and in junior high, my shot at super herodome finally presented itself!  During a slumber part

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