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Five for Friday~! GOALS

goal-sm1.jpgAs we are turning the corner from spring to summer, and this weekend it may even be 80 degrees, I'm refreshing my goals, and wondering about yours!   We are seriously interested in hearing, knowing, and helping you reach your goals.  So, for this Five Friday --  list five of your goals.   big, or small.   Lets be bold.   Make a statement, hold ourselves to the fire, dream bigger, and help each other achieve!

I'll start:

1.  continue my Shrinking Master quest --(recently at a bit of a stall as I

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Don't Fear the Test

   3820637199?profile=original  So over my time practicing Marttial Arts I've known a few people to get really stressed about belt tests.  Myself included.  Understandably so, it's stressful.  Of course you want to make progress and be rewarded for it, but then there's always the doubting voice in the back of your head. 

    There are numerous ways to cope with stressors, too many to talk about here.  Some people shout, some cry, some bottle it all up, some run, some fall, some people stand up and take it head on.  No matt

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Everyone needs a little support

   This week my fiancee, Rita, started going to Physical Therapy for a few minor aches and pains that have been bothering her for a while.  I've been interested in body mechanics and muscular movement for a while and have been giving serious thought about going back to school to become a physical therapist; so I went with her.  I wanted to see what she was prescribed to do, see what other people were doing, and I wanted to be able to support her. 

   I've have had fairly decent support throughout

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College Counseling Resources Websites:


National Association of College Admission Counseling 


Pacific NW Assoc of College Admission Counseling 



Mental Health Resources Websites:


ADD for women/girls website






ADHD ideas and support, national website.   


American Psychological Associati

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