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Bread Sale- Leadership Project


At my school every year the fifth grade goes to France for a week or two. So we have to fundraise some money for the trip by selling pastries every friday from a french baker in Seattle (Le Panier) at the entrance of my school.

This year we have raised over $10,950 to help lower the cost so that every student can participate. I sold bread three times for my volunteer hours.

Alex H.

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3820641671?profile=originalIn an article written by Education Week discusses the positive attributes of service learning; “Service learning can teach students and teachers a great deal. Although the final product is the culminating event that everyone works hard to achieve, service learning is also about the process from beginning to end. The whole experience can be a great learning experience, especially when students are a part of the decision making.” (DeWitt, 2012)

The article continues with discussing the viewpoints

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3820640853?profile=originalHinck and Brandell quoting another source suggesting that " ‘...students who engage in service may develop greater complexity in their thinking; ethical commitments regarding themselves, their lifestyles, and what they know and believe; movement toward higher levels of moral reasoning; and development and clarity about their... [personal self]’ (McEwen, 1996, p. 87). Several students have found the connections that McEwen suggests to be true.” (Hinck and Brandell, 1999)

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 3820641425?profile=originalHinck and Brandell’s research states that “ ‘ a study of more than 2,000 K-12 students from 24 schools, University of Wisconsin researchers found improved student performance resulted from service learning experiences. The study found service learning had a positive effect on students' grades and attendance’ (Shumer, 1994). In addition to academic growth and increased community connection, engagement in service learning experiences has been linked with a variety of positive developmental o

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planting trees community project

My friend and I walk down a beaten dirt path with my mom following behind. We drop our trees off in the dsc_0294.jpg?width=375right section. My friend and I don't need to talk much to know what we were thinking,tired sweaty and a tad hungry. An hour later everyone gathers in a circle to learn how to plant a tree from the woman who set this all up. It was hard work as me and my friend jump on the shovels to get them in the ground. We find a sleeping caterpillar and a fuzzy caterpillar and a bear caterpillar as well. I

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Cameron's Community service


Dear Master Strongheart, My community service went well and I liked this job of sorting clothing with my sister and my mom and I am doing it at Mercer Island Thrift Shop right near the train park. It made me feel like I was spending my time wisely and I feel good about what I did to help the community.

From, Cameron

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Mercer Island graduates first CERT volunteer class

Saturday January 22 marked Mercer Island's first (CERT) Community Emergency Response Team Graduation. Over the course of a year Mercer Island citizens have spent one Saturday a month being trained to respond and assist with disasters. Volunteers are trained in subjects ranging from search & rescue, damage assessment to communic

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I wanted to welcome Jan with this blog, to the black belt team of Mercer Island Martial Arts.


She tested on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, with a finale on Thursday. She showed black belt level ability in self defense, sparring, forms, and board breaking.

She is also, one of my living heroes. She inspired me with her journey to black belt by her incredible work ethic, positive attitude, willingness to try and try again any challenge put before her. All these traits were demonstrated daily duri

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Thank you Josu Tina Jackson!

I am pleased to announce and celebrate today Josu Tina Jackson's first year working with us at Mercer Island Martial Arts. Not only has she approached her work here with love and dedication, she has also improved the quality of our service here at the dojang. She is a friendly and welcoming person. So many have related to me that they always feel great about their interactions with her. Her positive attitude, and respect for everyone is a great representation of our school, and the philosophy w
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As some of you already know, we are teaching a great group of kids from the CHILD school. We do so at a significant discount so that they are able to give this training to their kids. We are proud to share with you that we have so far donated over two thousand dollars to the school.


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