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My Weekly Push for 2nd Dan- Eric Sams


This week was a goocollectors_splits.jpg?width=493d one for me.  I feel that I am making progress toward being a teacher of martial arts and a leader. I still have a ways to go, but I am confident that I am on the path.

My fitness is still not where I would like. It is not horrible, but its in need of improvement, as well as my flexibility. I still long to do the splits, but not sure I will get there.  But I will keep working at it. Upper body strength needs work. More pushups!! I foresee lots of pushups in class in the futur

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My weekly push for 2nd Dan (week 5)

Hello, I spent the last week sick with the flu. Man was that a drag, the only thing good that came from being sick was that I lost some more weight. I am down to 214lbs. now. Now it is time to build  muscle

I had a good time in class Thursday, I wanted to do more, but baby steps right now.

I will do more next week.  See you in class!

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Weekly blog about my push for 2nd dan.

Hello, I went to class last night and got to spend a good amount of time with one of my favorite instructors. Thank you KSN.
I am starting to see just how far I have to go to truly be ready for my test. There are times that I feel like a white belt. Trying to wrap my head around what I need to make my body do. Much work to do, much work.
I am a little sore, my right glute and my neck are sore. I think I strained it when we did the frog hops. I like them but I may have tried a little to hard wit
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