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 1380812_f260.jpg?width=260Princess Diana, 1997. "I knew what my job was; it was to go out and meet the people and love them." . . . "Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you."

I recently read a book about the life of Princess Diana and I was in awe of her drive and courage to help those wherever there was a need. Now, typically she is associated with words such as 'generous, compassionate, caring, giving, kind,selfless, humanit

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My Living Heroes

         Super-Teacher.jpg       My first living hero is my history teacher, Bill. He always encourages you to research and discover new things about the ancient world. He makes history fun while we are also learning things about the ancient world.

            My second living hero is my science teacher, Walter. Whenever someone is yelling at him in class or not doing what they are supposed to do he does not get angry and frustrated no matter what. I have learned so much more about science so far this year than w

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Awesome Lives



As I get ready for the day, I like to listen to, or read something that sets a great tone for my day.   Sometimes, I just need to watch Jon Stewart on Hulu, because what beats laughing first thing in the day.   Today though I found this Ted video.   It was worth the minutes.   I hope you think so too.


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visualize.jpgLet’s pretend your child has an important project which will require him so speak in front of his class or maybe the entire school. Now keep in mind this is just an example, but the idea is to use visualization on just about everything, especially the tasks which he may feel challenged and fearful of. 

 Say to him something like this..”Son it’s your turn.  You feel  calm, your muscles are relaxed,  you’re breathing easily,  you’re on your way up to the stage and you’re taking your time.  You sta

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"The Gratitude exercise is a powerful tool for increasing life satisfaction because it amplifies good memories about the past, and it forges a very strong bond with an important person from your past. The goal of this exercise is for you to experience the power of expressing your gratitude to someone who has touched your life."  as written by someone at the reflexsivehappiness.com  (web site no longer working)

At the end of the post, below,  is a video of Dr Martin Seligman, considered the found

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I know I have written about the importance of monitoring our thoughts.  We learned that we become what we think about most of the time.  The challenge is to control thoughts of past failures, present and future problems.  The goal… to replace those thoughts with thoughts of success and victory.

The best way I have found to help teach your child to control his thoughts is with a fun concept called visualization.  Positive visualization or mental rehearsal, as it’s sometimes referred to, is practi

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