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Hate, Nazis, and Curious Kids

Hate, Nazis, and Curious kids

Today when I came in to the dojang, the first thing I was presented with was that some of the kids were talking about “nazi” things, playing at shooting each other, and calling each other nazis.  What follows is a summary of what I discussed with the kids 3rd grade and older.  

So, I sat down with the kids, 3rd grade and older to discuss this in terms of appropriate behavior, language, and subject matter for the dojang.   With the bottom line, first and most import

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Just the other day a parent asked me if she thought my classes promoted violent behavior in young boys. She was inquiring about lessons for her son and was concerned that he and his friends might take what they’re learning and use it inappropriately.
I thought it was a fine question.

Yes, there have been a few cases (very few) of students “playing martial arts” with friends, the same way they play as their favorite superheroes, but I’ve never heard of the play being malicious or hurtful. I do

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We are members of a group of amazing martial artists called The One Hundred. We are seeking to redefine the role of the Master Teacher in today’s world. We are asking each other, as martial arts teachers to push ourselves in ways that serve as examples of our collective potential.

We believe our “business” is the business of being extraordinary human beings; of using our training for something more than fighting; of bringing authentic mastery to our schools by practicing the martial arts in ways

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"Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency." Maya Angelou


Maya Angelou is a person who has overcome great obstacles, kept a vision for her life, and for what she can give and achieve. She has inspired me to be a better teacher, as she stands as one of the truly great ones.

She practices her art, and continues to produce her creative works even as she has moved into her 8th decade of life.

She teaches compassion, tolerance, and respect; she lives
compassion, toleran

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