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All 5'3" of petite Mercer Island resident Jan Eveleth are poised on the balls of her feet, ready to strike at her opponent's padded gloves. With an ear-piercing yell, she launches herself into the air, feet first, slamming the gloves, and her sparring partner, nearly through the wall. With a fierce grin, she lands lightly, barely winded, ready for another round.

No, you're not watching a

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My Living Hereos

3820632178?profile=originalThis assignment was difficult for me trying to figure out who my living hero’s are and why I considered them heroes in the first place. I had to really think about who my heroes are, and why and think outside of the box in terms of who they are and why I admired them.

My Mother is probably my greatest hero. She has accomplished so much in her life putting herself through medical school while having two small children most of it being a single mother. Going on to run a successful lab in the Seat

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