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3820641671?profile=originalIn an article written by Education Week discusses the positive attributes of service learning; “Service learning can teach students and teachers a great deal. Although the final product is the culminating event that everyone works hard to achieve, service learning is also about the process from beginning to end. The whole experience can be a great learning experience, especially when students are a part of the decision making.” (DeWitt, 2012)

The article continues with discussing the viewpoints

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3820640853?profile=originalHinck and Brandell quoting another source suggesting that " ‘...students who engage in service may develop greater complexity in their thinking; ethical commitments regarding themselves, their lifestyles, and what they know and believe; movement toward higher levels of moral reasoning; and development and clarity about their... [personal self]’ (McEwen, 1996, p. 87). Several students have found the connections that McEwen suggests to be true.” (Hinck and Brandell, 1999)

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 3820641425?profile=originalHinck and Brandell’s research states that “ ‘ a study of more than 2,000 K-12 students from 24 schools, University of Wisconsin researchers found improved student performance resulted from service learning experiences. The study found service learning had a positive effect on students' grades and attendance’ (Shumer, 1994). In addition to academic growth and increased community connection, engagement in service learning experiences has been linked with a variety of positive developmental o

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This is a class for 1st and 2nd Dan black belts who are working toward becoming a Kyo Sa Nim (certified Instructor),  AND for adults/teens interested on getting a jump on their leadership training.   It will be Mondays from 6:15-7:45pm.   (junior Black Belts are also invited to participate on Mondays, any other kids interested in this kind of training can enroll for a Friday leadership class like this one)

subjects we will be covering:

1.  Meditation traianing, and KiPoomsae  (Korean style tae chi

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Some Tips for Eating

 3820641588?profile=original 1. Eat MINDFULLY. Eating without paying attention causes you to eat the wrong things and/or too much food. Doing either (or both) could, as they say, “take the shine off your shoes.” Heart disease, diabetes, and all sorts of ailments await the person who doesn’t practice mindful eating. Look to the video, below, for for some mindful eating basics (it’s Harvard Professor, Dr. Lilian Cheung, co-author of Savor, Mindful Eating, Mindful Life): The video is here:

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Five for Friday~! GOALS

goal-sm1.jpgAs we are turning the corner from spring to summer, and this weekend it may even be 80 degrees, I'm refreshing my goals, and wondering about yours!   We are seriously interested in hearing, knowing, and helping you reach your goals.  So, for this Five Friday --  list five of your goals.   big, or small.   Lets be bold.   Make a statement, hold ourselves to the fire, dream bigger, and help each other achieve!

I'll start:

1.  continue my Shrinking Master quest --(recently at a bit of a stall as I

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KyoSaNim's Question Corner 3

Maya Angelou says:   courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently.  You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.  Being a leader takes a certain kind of courage, that requires a person to wear many hats, to achieve many goals personally and especially with helping others reach their goals.  This person accompasses that challenge everyday, and as a side note has been known to physic

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Olympic Fever!

  I just need to confess.   I am getting so excited about the Olympics, and especially TaeKwonDo competition this year in London.   So we are going to be working on a lot of Olympic style sparring, the rules, and how it works.   Here is a really fun video to check out with some outrageously cool techniques.

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Date Rape Tips.pdf

rohypnol_tablet5.jpgI have spent a good deal of time and study regarding the problem of, and prevention of date rape. I really thought this article did an outstanding job summing up and covering the subject in a consice, non paranoid way.

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An Adults Journey to Black Belt

3820640945?profile=originalI have always been intrigued with the world of martial arts.  I remember as a kid watching Hong Kong Phooey and dreaming of being a super hero when I grew up, kicking away the bad guys and fighting for justice with my trusty sidekick!  Needless to say, the family cat did not always enjoy practicing this with me (sorry TIG). 

Thanks to the influence of Paula Abdul, I spent my childhood in tap dance class and in junior high, my shot at super herodome finally presented itself!  During a slumber part

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Kyo Sa Nim's Question Corner 2

love,icanread,ins,admire,inspire,self,expression-eb5db61949cc77a833a1e5a6e46f16c2_h.jpg?width=350During the past few weeks the words inspire/inspiration have been appearing in my life, more than usual.  So, I looked it up, the definition of inspire/inspiration, it is stimulation of the mind, feelings, influence to motivate, to affect or touch, to spark something special or unusual activity or creativity.
After looking up the definition, I proceeded to get lost in thoughts about amazing individuals who have inspired me and one particular individual, has been on my list for years.  She has se

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Cameron's Community Service

3820640853?profile=originalLast week I (Cameron) helped out with the Japanese cultural center benefit luncheon. It was at the Westin in Seattle. I spent lots of my extra time making the origamis. I did this because I wanted to help Japan's tsunami relief. Some of the pieces sold for thirty dollors. I made 37 origami's to donate. Igot to miss part of school for this. At the registration table I demonstrated my origamis there. There were a lot of people watching me. All of a sudden there was a lady out of the crowd that got

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Does Self - defense really work?


Most people don’t ask me this question outright, but I know they are thinking it: Does self-defense really work?

That’s like asking the Sham-Wow guy if his towel really holds 12 times its weight in liquid, right? Hey, I welcome the believers and doubters alike, and I have more to offer you than my belief in the
effectiveness of self-protection measures. But first, let’s figure out
why it’s so hard to believe a woman can fight back and win.

I believe that doubt over the effectiveness of self-def

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Common Courtesy

soccer.jpgOne beautiful afternoon last summer, the little ninja and I (or more correctly, the little Messi at that particular moment), stopped by the Park on the Lid to work on our soccer skills before heading down the hill for TKD.   We were going through our usual drills a little pass & run, some fancy footwork and shooting.   There was a goal set up and we were taking advantage of it.  Call me optimistic but I am reasonably certain that even casual observer would have been able to tell we were taking p

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