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Gratitude. Simple, and Beautiful

I watched this video upon the recommendation of an amazing friend, and teacher.  Had to share it here.  We have done, and will continue to do gratitude raising projects, and do so for many reasons. 

One being the mounting evidenced based research on the roots, and traits of those who are psychologically more resilient. And this video brings so clearly to another reason:  the personal pleasure, and happiness, a more highly cultivated sense of gratitude brings to one's life. 

Enjoy-- a thousand ho

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Suicide Prevention Day Sept 10

Education, Awareness Key to Suicide Prevention, Treatment September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day

In observation of National Suicide Prevention Week each September the American Psychiatric
Association continues its education and awareness efforts on suicide
prevention and treatment through its public service announcement,

Through support of the American Psychiatric Foundation,
the APA’s 30-second public service announcement explores one family’s
struggle and offers a nat
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