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Tanner Foust

3820642179?profile=originalTanner Foust is a stunt car driver, Professional Drift Car Driver, Professional Rally Car Driver. I admire him as a Rally driver; he was the gold medalist of global RallyCross of the X Games LA in 2012 with his new Rockstar Ford Fiesta (Shown at the bottom). He is a part time TV show host.

I chose him as a living hero because I love Rally and cars. And I like him because he is world champion, and he has more than one job.

When I’m an adult, I would love to be exactly like him because I

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Living Hero n.2 by Alex H.

Lionel Messi

3820642110?profile=originalLionel is the best soccer player on earth. I think he is a hero because he is talented and incredibly good at soccer, which is one of my favorite sports. He was an ordinary boy from Argentina, with a lot of health issues (growth hormone deficiency). The treatment for his illness was very expensive.

 Then he got recognized by FC Barcelona in Spain because of his excellent skills and technique. He moved to Spain, and he got treated with the club paying for all his medical expenses. When

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Hero Entry 3 - Lawrence Li

3820641144?profile=originalMy dear older brother, we’ve watched each other grow up since… well the day we were born! Although we had our bumps growing up with our seven year age difference, you have always watched over me. When you came back from college, both of us were a bit older and a bit wiser, and we practically became friends, and not the bickering little boys that we once were. Even though we’re almost exact opposites of each other, I could not ask for a better brother. You can teach me what you know, and I can te

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Hero Entry 5 - Karen Yuen

Friend! Yes, here would be a beautiful picture of my friend Karen. I assure you she has no problem with me posting this picture because it used to be her profile picture on facebook not too long ago. I also assure you there are more attractive pictures than this, but this face is too awesome not to repost. 

3820639818?profile=originalShe is telling me that she is writing an awesome recommendation for me, and from the tidbit she gave me I’m sure it will turn out great. Not because I’m an awesome person, but because she has

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Hero Entry 3 - Batman

I figured that as long as I was doing a fictional character, I might as well also get this one out of the way. Batman, the coolest superhero out there, shows us that you don’t need to be born with superpowers to save the world; you just need to inherit a lot of money from your murdered parents. Actually, that’s what Bruce Wayne teaches us. I’m don’t think Bruce Wayne is a hero. Batman is a hero, a spirit of justice in Gotham. Not a spirit of j3820639856?profile=originaludgment, though; while Batman is a vigilante, he neve

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Hero Entry 2 - Winnie the Pooh

3820639745?profile=originalThis next entry is somewhat ironic, because Pooh is a great example of everything a Campbellian hero is not. He ignores the call to action that is growing up, forever stuck in the Hundred Acre Woods of our innocence, while the rest of the world moves on. Luckily for me, this is not an English assignment and I can say that Pooh is a hero. I never really liked reading Joseph Campbell anyway.

Currently Winnie the Pooh by A. A. Milne sits at the edge of my bookshelf, right next to my computer. I admi

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Hero Entry 1 - Alex Lambert

To start my hero blog I wou3820639556?profile=originalld like to honor my little brother, Alex, who has been kind enough to put up with me this past week and housesit. Though we like to act that we can’t stand another, the truth is that next year I will miss hanging out with him at home. One thing that separates Alex from any other family member is our mutual love of video games. He is still at the age where he can waste most his days in front of the television without any school conflicts, so in some ways having him play

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My Living Heros' Forest K.

1 My Mom and Dad
My Mom and Dad have been my biggest heroes ever. They adopted me when I needed a family and they were and are the perfect family. They are super supportive of my activities. I remember Dad asking me “What would you like to do?” and I said “karate”. He found me Mercer Island Martial Arts and my parents helped me get to where I am now. Testing for my black belt.
2 The Masters

When I first started I was a white belt of course and I was a rascally one. I have been told that I climb

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My Living Heroes by Michael L.

My  Living Heroes.

  1. 3820638129?profile=original My first living hero is KSN Ulityonok. He is my hero because he was and is a very respectful man. Another reason why he is my hero because he trained me harder than I imagine and many life skills.
  2. One hero I’m also ever grateful for is Forest because I followed his leadership and gained access to many other skills. My second reason I chose Forest is he was a true friend not like a friend who just leaves you hanging.
  3. Another hero who is my family is my brother George. The reas
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My Living Hereos

3820632178?profile=originalThis assignment was difficult for me trying to figure out who my living hero’s are and why I considered them heroes in the first place. I had to really think about who my heroes are, and why and think outside of the box in terms of who they are and why I admired them.

My Mother is probably my greatest hero. She has accomplished so much in her life putting herself through medical school while having two small children most of it being a single mother. Going on to run a successful lab in the Seat

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"Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency." Maya Angelou


Maya Angelou is a person who has overcome great obstacles, kept a vision for her life, and for what she can give and achieve. She has inspired me to be a better teacher, as she stands as one of the truly great ones.

She practices her art, and continues to produce her creative works even as she has moved into her 8th decade of life.

She teaches compassion, tolerance, and respect; she lives
compassion, toleran

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