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Tanner Foust

3820642179?profile=originalTanner Foust is a stunt car driver, Professional Drift Car Driver, Professional Rally Car Driver. I admire him as a Rally driver; he was the gold medalist of global RallyCross of the X Games LA in 2012 with his new Rockstar Ford Fiesta (Shown at the bottom). He is a part time TV show host.

I chose him as a living hero because I love Rally and cars. And I like him because he is world champion, and he has more than one job.

When I’m an adult, I would love to be exactly like him because I

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Community Service - Volunteer Project

Volunteering at a pre-school – Volunteer project                                                         6/12/2012-6/14/2012

To complete my volunteer hours 3820642013?profile=originalfor my black belt, I needed 6 more hours. So, I asked my sister’s school if I could help out for class. I was able to do this because I was out of school the week before. I spent three hours every morning for two days at the Cougar Mountain Montessori School.

What is funny is that I went to the same school when I was little, and the teachers I

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Bread Sale- Leadership Project


At my school every year the fifth grade goes to France for a week or two. So we have to fundraise some money for the trip by selling pastries every friday from a french baker in Seattle (Le Panier) at the entrance of my school.

This year we have raised over $10,950 to help lower the cost so that every student can participate. I sold bread three times for my volunteer hours.

Alex H.

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I saw what Cameron did with the origami and I thought," I did exactly the same thing last year"! Last year at Oshkosh (the cloth3820641873?profile=originaling store) they had a a sort of fundraiser by making paper cranes. Every paper crane gave one clothing item from Oshkosh to a child in Japan after the Tsunami. So I proposed my class if they wanted to take part in this fundraiser, they accepted (we had just learned how to make paper cranes in art class). So we where making paper cranes for a whole month. We where always

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3820641671?profile=originalIn an article written by Education Week discusses the positive attributes of service learning; “Service learning can teach students and teachers a great deal. Although the final product is the culminating event that everyone works hard to achieve, service learning is also about the process from beginning to end. The whole experience can be a great learning experience, especially when students are a part of the decision making.” (DeWitt, 2012)

The article continues with discussing the viewpoints

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3820640853?profile=originalHinck and Brandell quoting another source suggesting that " ‘...students who engage in service may develop greater complexity in their thinking; ethical commitments regarding themselves, their lifestyles, and what they know and believe; movement toward higher levels of moral reasoning; and development and clarity about their... [personal self]’ (McEwen, 1996, p. 87). Several students have found the connections that McEwen suggests to be true.” (Hinck and Brandell, 1999)

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 3820641425?profile=originalHinck and Brandell’s research states that “ ‘...in a study of more than 2,000 K-12 students from 24 schools, University of Wisconsin researchers found improved student performance resulted from service learning experiences. The study found service learning had a positive effect on students' grades and attendance’ (Shumer, 1994). In addition to academic growth and increased community connection, engagement in service learning experiences has been linked with a variety of positive developmental o

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This is a class for 1st and 2nd Dan black belts who are working toward becoming a Kyo Sa Nim (certified Instructor),  AND for adults/teens interested on getting a jump on their leadership training.   It will be Mondays from 6:15-7:45pm.   (junior Black Belts are also invited to participate on Mondays, any other kids interested in this kind of training can enroll for a Friday leadership class like this one)

subjects we will be covering:

1.  Meditation traianing, and KiPoomsae  (Korean style tae chi

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KyoSaNim's Question Corner 3

Maya Angelou says:   courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently.  You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.  Being a leader takes a certain kind of courage, that requires a person to wear many hats, to achieve many goals personally and especially with helping others reach their goals.  This person accompasses that challenge everyday, and as a side note has been known to physic

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Cameron's Community Service

3820640853?profile=originalLast week I (Cameron) helped out with the Japanese cultural center benefit luncheon. It was at the Westin in Seattle. I spent lots of my extra time making the origamis. I did this because I wanted to help Japan's tsunami relief. Some of the pieces sold for thirty dollors. I made 37 origami's to donate. Igot to miss part of school for this. At the registration table I demonstrated my origamis there. There were a lot of people watching me. All of a sudden there was a lady out of the crowd that got

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community project wrapping gifts

    _vector-ribbons-preview2-by-dragonart.png?w=495&h=299 Sitting around in the center of Northgate Mall, ready to wrap gifts for the Cancer Children Careline. Although people were not coming, as anticipated by the organizer, at this early season. But, our presence drawed peoples attention to our little booth. I took out an ribbon and started pulling the flaps soon making a pretty blue flower. I pulled out a cell phone and checked the time, 5:30PM,yay. Just 3 and a 1/2 hours to go! As the clock ticks away I pass the time by going on the Kindle Fir

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community project, carousel, redo

  seattle_carousel.jpg   I watched all the family members get off the carousel, all waving and smiling. I ask many of them if they want a bag, but only a few say yes. I looked over at the donation bucket and notice that there is more gifts in there. Yay! Another ride another crowd over and over again. Each time seeing more and more happy families. I hope that treehouse will get lots of people and let foster children be that way. Ahhhhhh, Christmas

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community project carousel

     Treehouse-logo-horiz-green-w.tagline-950x534.jpgThis project is to help treehouse a foster child program. Me and my mom are supposed to wait at the carousel exit and hand people donation bags. Lots of people came and many had donations and wanted a bag, then they would head to a shop and come back for another ride and give us the things they bought. All of a sudden lights are flashing in a nearby building and a annoying beep beep beep sound came out. About 20-30 minutes later the firefighters arrived and sat there for a long time. Figuri

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planting trees community project

My friend and I walk down a beaten dirt path with my mom following behind. We drop our trees off in the dsc_0294.jpg?width=375right section. My friend and I don't need to talk much to know what we were thinking,tired sweaty and a tad hungry. An hour later everyone gathers in a circle to learn how to plant a tree from the woman who set this all up. It was hard work as me and my friend jump on the shovels to get them in the ground. We find a sleeping caterpillar and a fuzzy caterpillar and a bear caterpillar as well. I

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Bicycles for Humanity update

Bicycles for Humanity Seattle is proud to announce that our first shipment of bicycles has been loaded into a shipping container and is onits way to South Africa. The 451 bicycles will be distributed to students and health care workers to make their journeys easier. The container itself will become a self sustaining business staffed by locals trained and dedicated to the repair of bicycles. As this is a perpetual process we are continuing to collect unused bicycles for inclusion in our next c

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Please help us collect items for the women served by the YWCA! These items will be combined to make 50 hygiene kits.

Suggested donations (travel size):

· soap

· toothbrush

· toothpaste

· washcloth or hand towel

· deodorant

· comb

· shampoo

· tissues

· hand sanitizers

There is a collection box at the school through the end of July for your donations. Thanks for helping make things a little easierfor women in transition.

"Life isn't measured by the number of breaths we
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