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After School 2019/2020

We are really excited for next years After School Program here at MIMA.  Please check out some information about the program, and some changes that we have made to it.  

Pick up:  One of our amazing, certified instructors will pick up your child from their elementary school (currently available for Lakeridge, West Mercer, Island Park, and Northwood elementary schools) in our vans. This way your child will start their day with us in a positive and structured environment.

During the short ride to

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A breif overview of Tae Kwon Do Sparring Rules

200px-TaekwondoPictogram2012.jpgWe have recently had some questions about the sparring rules so I thought that I would quickly go over them. 

Here’s the basic rules:

 You can kick with any part of your foot below your ankle
 Only punching with a clenched fist and kicking are allowed in sparring.  No other techniques are allowed.  That means no sweeps, no mixed martial arts etc.
You can kick to two places.  Your opponent’s chest protector (hogu) or head
You can punch your opponent's chest protector only.  No punches allowed to

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Building Confidence

For the next several weeks we will be discussing the importance of building one's confidence.  In this    week's lesson we will focus on "Engaging in Positive Self-Talk"
Be your own success coach.  Don't allow yourself to be over come be negative self-talk, fight back by talking to yourself in a way that boots your self-confidence.   I can do it! I will learn from this!!
Students will receive a small copy of this card to bring home and discuss with their family.   We are hoping that discussio
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Common Courtesy

soccer.jpgOne beautiful afternoon last summer, the little ninja and I (or more correctly, the little Messi at that particular moment), stopped by the Park on the Lid to work on our soccer skills before heading down the hill for TKD.   We were going through our usual drills a little pass & run, some fancy footwork and shooting.   There was a goal set up and we were taking advantage of it.  Call me optimistic but I am reasonably certain that even casual observer would have been able to tell we were taking p

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00000000000000018626.pngWelcome back for another insightfully riveting brain dump from the Tae Kwon Dad.  I want to give a big shout out to all the new Black Belts, and everybody else who moved a notch closer to their Black Belts and a thank you for providing me with the perfect segue to this week’s topic.

Confidence Earned Through Accomplishment

This is a true result from a recent survey conducted by Intel – 85% of U.S. high school students surveyed rated themselves as highly confident in their mathematical abilities (t

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Please feel free to upload your photos and videos as well!   We can add them to the record of a memorable testing.  If you don't know how please ask, we would love to see your pics/videos.  I haven't processed my photos yet (technical difficulty), so more to come for sure.   Congratulations to you all!  And don't miss CGNs Nelson and Sams as they do a make up due to the weather in February.

3820640127?profile=original3820640083?profile=original3820640161?profile=originalannouncement and photo in the mercer island reporter

Also, check out this weeks MI reporte

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Tae Kwon Dad

3820639933?profile=originalPeople are often surprised we chose to start our daughter training in martial arts at such a young age and they often ask why.  Given the myriad of benefits we’ve seen in our daughter, it made me realize that this is not a question that can be answered in a quick 2-sentence sound bite.   Over the next few weeks I will be writing a series of posts on the positive benefits of martial training (in no particular order) from a parent’s perspective.

Improved Coordination

I have terrible coordination.  R

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Cameron's Community service


Dear Master Strongheart, My community service went well and I liked this job of sorting clothing with my sister and my mom and I am doing it at Mercer Island Thrift Shop right near the train park. It made me feel like I was spending my time wisely and I feel good about what I did to help the community.

From, Cameron

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Mercer Island Martial Arts Fundraiser for the Mockingbird Society

On Saturday, March 26, Mercer Island Martial Arts (MIMA) will host a Parent’s Night Out as a fundraiser for the Seattle chapter of the Mockingbird Society, a non-profit organization that teaches foster

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Middle Belt Children Training Question

We recently received an email from one of the parents regarding their child's training and thought it might be nice to share some of the answers:


In regard to "forms"every 2 months the children work on a new form.  We call them poomse in Korean.   Right now we are working on "nooktipoomse"   here is a link to a video of the form

The children who are yellow belt and above and are in one of our advanced teams work on the first 6 mo

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Tenants of Tae Kwon Do


Taekwondo students should practice courtesy at all times in order to promote the spirit of mutual understanding, promote politeness to one another, avoid feeling superior, and encourage a sense of justice.

Courtesy may take many forms:

Politeness: when we say please, thank you, open or hold doors for others, allow another person to do something first, or ask instead of command.  

Distinction of Roles: the ways we speak or act with respect towards our seniors, elders, or teachers and with

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