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You didn’t start your study of the martial arts to “go through the motions” of it all, did you? Of course you didn’t, but look around you in your next class and I’ll bet you spot a number of your classmates doing that very thing, going through the motions. It’s human nature to get distracted, to multi-task, and wander off course.

To deepen and strengthen your practice so that you stay on the mark and make reasonable progress, I offer you these 10 time-tested, Tom-tested tips:

1. As often as you c
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10 Living Heroes by Nathan Jackson

1:  My first hero is President Obama.  He is my hero because he is the first African-American president.barack-hussein-obama.jpg?width=138  Also, to become president, he had to have a good attitude, hope, and many other things that helped him become president such as brains, confidence, and good leadership. That shows me that anything can be possible if you just work hard and believe.

2:  My second hero is my mom because she helps me where I need help and artwork.gifalways has fun with me.  Also, she teaches me character, manners and the im

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Cameron's Heroes for Martial Arts

1 One hero is Master Strongheart because she has taught me from defense to sparing.  She gives me nice encouragement, trust, and respect since the first day of martial arts.  Also she is very enthusiastic.  Thank you Master Strongheart for everything that you taught me through out my life.

2 My next hero is my mom because my mom is very nice, thoughtful, and respectful to everyone.  Even if she is tired when she gets home from work she still has energy to take me to martial arts with no complaint

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What is a Black Belt?

"Yes, a black belt should be able to execute precise, effective, beautiful, and technically proficient martial arts techniques, whatever the style. But just as importantly, a black belt should be able to execute precise and beautiful ideas, equal to or better than their physical techniques. A black belt should have an attitude equal in it's brilliance to his or her physical skills."


A great quotation from an admired martial artist, Tom Callos.

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