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After School 2019/2020

We are really excited for next years After School Program here at MIMA.  Please check out some information about the program, and some changes that we have made to it.  

Pick up:  One of our amazing, certified instructors will pick up your child from their elementary school (currently available for Lakeridge, West Mercer, Island Park, and Northwood elementary schools) in our vans. This way your child will start their day with us in a positive and structured environment.

During the short ride to

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October is National Anti-Bullying Month

Hey Everyone,


October is National Anti-bullying month and this month we will be talking with the students about the impacts of bullying, how to handle a bully, as well as, if the child is a bully.  Here are some great resources and websites for your information

Bullying Sucks

Pacer Bullying

Stop bullying

Cerebral Palsy Guidance

If your child is being bullied or you know someone who is being bullied please call us or email us.  We can help


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A breif overview of Tae Kwon Do Sparring Rules

200px-TaekwondoPictogram2012.jpgWe have recently had some questions about the sparring rules so I thought that I would quickly go over them. 

Here’s the basic rules:

 You can kick with any part of your foot below your ankle
 Only punching with a clenched fist and kicking are allowed in sparring.  No other techniques are allowed.  That means no sweeps, no mixed martial arts etc.
You can kick to two places.  Your opponent’s chest protector (hogu) or head
You can punch your opponent's chest protector only.  No punches allowed to

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MIMA News by Impressive Kids

Here is the latest edition/episode of the MIMA news.   This program is entirely filmed, planned, reported by, and uploaded by the young martial artists of MIMA.   They are a remarkable bunch indeed.   And how great that they are learning how to communicate with such a powerful tool.   I really admire these kids, the ones in front of the camera, and behind it as well.   


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3820644148?profile=original I love these fall months especially with Thanksgiving around the corner-- what a wonderful month. Everyone takes the time to be truly thankful for everyone and everything in their life. Although, in my opinion, it should be year round.  On November 11th we have a full day camp and part of the camp is introducing our gratitude challenge to the kids, but it would be wonderful if all of our students got involved!  So I'll start first, I am so grateful for of my family and friends, they are all so

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Parent's Night Out --Movie Night


Only $10 per child, and no martial arts experience necessary.

Martial Arts, movie, snacks,games, and board breaking, a fun night for kids, and date night for parents.

Movie nights are recommended for 6 and older.

Time: January 11, 2013 from 6pm to 9pm
Location: Mercer Island Martial Arts
Street: 2630 77th Ave SE, 106-108
City/Town: Mercer Island
Phone: 206-230-9050

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Bully Prevention Curriculum Recognition

3820642209?profile=originalCome to our website at for more information, articles, videos, training, and ideas.   We were just recognized for the work we are doing in anti-bullying education by the NING network.   They are the host of over 100,000 blogs/networks --- and we were mentioned as one of the top 8 for bully prevention education!  

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Community Service - Volunteer Project

Volunteering at a pre-school – Volunteer project                                                         6/12/2012-6/14/2012

To complete my volunteer hours 3820642013?profile=originalfor my black belt, I needed 6 more hours. So, I asked my sister’s school if I could help out for class. I was able to do this because I was out of school the week before. I spent three hours every morning for two days at the Cougar Mountain Montessori School.

What is funny is that I went to the same school when I was little, and the teachers I

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Kyo Sa Nim's Question Corner 2

love,icanread,ins,admire,inspire,self,expression-eb5db61949cc77a833a1e5a6e46f16c2_h.jpg?width=350During the past few weeks the words inspire/inspiration have been appearing in my life, more than usual.  So, I looked it up, the definition of inspire/inspiration, it is stimulation of the mind, feelings, influence to motivate, to affect or touch, to spark something special or unusual activity or creativity.
After looking up the definition, I proceeded to get lost in thoughts about amazing individuals who have inspired me and one particular individual, has been on my list for years.  She has se

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Self-Defense is Found in the Simple Things

Kindness-in-words-creates-confidence.jpg We teach self-defense --and self-defense is found in the simplest of things. Kindness, for example is a beautiful form of self-defense. Good food --and the appreciation of it; there’s a fine, fine kind of self-defense.


Oh, and how about love of community? Participation in --and love for --one’s community is a kind of self-defense that’s impossible to put a value on. And my favorite kind of self-defense is found in a simple rule, The Golden Rule, which I like with a bit of a twist:

Respect othe

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