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Cell Phone Safety for Kids

3-Cell-Phone-Safety-Tips-mdn.jpgOver the years I have heard many ideas from parents regarding how to keep kids safe with their cell phone; and more often about how they keep the cell phone from becoming their child's teenage-invisible friend at the dinner table.  

I think most agree that kids having a cell phone really helps in terms of safety, reaching their kids, and pick ups and drop offs.  Below I pasted a "cell pone contract" for first time cell phone users.   I thought it was a great way to get started on a conversation

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Seven Life and Martial Arts Lessons #6


Nobody Can Make You Anything

Nobody can make you sad, angry, happy, depressed, or grouchy; you don't give anyone that much power over you. Only you can make yourself anything. Maintain control of your own emotions and thinking.

"Everything can be taken from a man or a woman but one thing: the last of human freedoms to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way. "
Viktor E. Frankl

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Seven Life and Martial Arts Lessons #5

3820642813?profile=originalTap Out, Return

When someone wants to argue or fight or make you struggle, just tap out. It's a lot better than getting hurt or causing someone else pain. Tap out and don't worry, you'll be able to come back soon enough. (Note: this may be the best relationship advice you ever receive).

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Seven Life and Martial Arts Lessons #3

3820642813?profile=originalUse Surprise

Surprise your opponent by doing exactly the opposite of what's expected. If someone expects you to be hurt, be honored. If they expect you to be angry and upset, surprise them with your calmness. Train yourself this way and you almost always have the advantage.

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Parent's Night Out --Movie Night


Only $10 per child, and no martial arts experience necessary.

Martial Arts, movie, snacks,games, and board breaking, a fun night for kids, and date night for parents.

Movie nights are recommended for 6 and older.

Time: January 11, 2013 from 6pm to 9pm
Location: Mercer Island Martial Arts
Street: 2630 77th Ave SE, 106-108
City/Town: Mercer Island
Phone: 206-230-9050

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Seven Life and Martial Arts Lessons #1


Take No Offense

It takes a certain mindset to be offended by someone's words or actions. Choose not to take offense, as once taken, your opponent already has the advantage. Instead of being offended, be "fascinated."

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HEY, it's the PARADE!

Come one, come all!   Big, and small.  

Support our school.   Be really cool.

Seriously, we would love to have everyone possible in our posse.  
Parents, kids, adults, senior citizens --- puppies?

Meet us at the school for face painting, (optional of course, but how fun really?) at 9am, Saturday the 14th of July.

Little ones, we are going to be dressing you up in "Anti Bully Super Kid" outfits!

Everyone else, wear your tshirt, or uniform.

Wear shoes, if you want to kick, that are comfortable

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Diet Soda Risks

About a year ago, I stopped drinking diet soda.  I have become more conscious of my choices regarding not only sugar substitutes, but also the amount of sugar in everyday products.  I was surprised when reading the labels how many items have sugar, or sugar substitutes in them including things such as tomato sauce. 


Here is an article showing the most recent research on the effects of sugar substitutes.  I found it really interesting.

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