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Please feel free to upload your photos and videos as well!   We can add them to the record of a memorable testing.  If you don't know how please ask, we would love to see your pics/videos.  I haven't processed my photos yet (technical difficulty), so more to come for sure.   Congratulations to you all!  And don't miss CGNs Nelson and Sams as they do a make up due to the weather in February.

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Also, check out this weeks MI reporte

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3820636173?profile=originalExpect there to be one or more experienced teachers on the floor in your child’s class. Expect the teacher to, at times, appear to have the patience of Job. Expect a bit more, Oh how shall we say it? ENERGY, every so often. Expect the teacher, whether gently guiding everyone along or cranking up the troops, to wear a smile (a happy one!).  

Expect a lot of talk about respect, about leadership, about good manners, about anger, about a whole bunch of things just about any parent would love to hear

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We are members of a group of amazing martial artists called The One Hundred. We are seeking to redefine the role of the Master Teacher in today’s world. We are asking each other, as martial arts teachers to push ourselves in ways that serve as examples of our collective potential.

We believe our “business” is the business of being extraordinary human beings; of using our training for something more than fighting; of bringing authentic mastery to our schools by practicing the martial arts in ways

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