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A Path to injury recovery- My journey

cross-roads1.jpgSeveral months ago I was injured during Martial Arts.  Once I got over the initial pain of injury I determined I was at a cross road.

Have surgery and rehab with the possibility of returning back to a high level of physical activity including martial arts or do not have surgery and live a life of limited physical activity which basically meant walking only.

Thinking back to life before martial arts- I could return to a life where I felt lethargic and just not well and walking through life a day at

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American Cancer Society Relay for Life

I am papp_full_proxy.php?app=40151154689&v=1&size=z&cksum=d9aedc186c45ed2fa100fc96651783fd& in the American Cancer Society-Relay For Life in memory of Mike Wellings, Dick Lundquist, David Cribbs and my mother who was a 20 year survivor of Cancer, and in support of Lois Lundquist who is currently battling breast cancer. This is a disease that knows no boundaries and takes a huge toll not only on those fighting the disease but their friends, family and caregivers. If you can contribute to my goal of 100.00 I would be forever grateful.   You can donate using the link be

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