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BE AWESOME! Mid-Winter Break Camp 2019

3820655414?profile=originalLearn kicks, tricks, and combos!  A cool Demonstration Form, Trick Battles, and Kick Competition!  Also awesome character training:

Build AWESOME POWERS:  Be unique, stand out, show respect to self and others.  Build friendships, build confidence, and be a good sport.  All part of being AWESOME!

Register Now -- Space is very limited:  Be Awesome Camp!

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Our kids are working so hard in our camps.  Not only do they do 3-4 formal martial arts classes per day, but they are also making daily trips to one of our amazing parks on Mercer Island.  They are playing active games, sports, and moving around most of the day.  This kind of activity burns a ton of calories-- plus kids grow so much during the summer, it's sometimes hard to keep up with their caloric needs.  As, parents you want to keep your kids healthy, so I found this link via Cooking Light f

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nine_doctrines.gifMy life as a black belt will vary depending on my further goals and the type of black belt I want to be.

What are my goals upon having reached my black belt for my future training and learning?

I will go for instructor. This will require my own nunchuck/sword form (one of each), but I may need to improve my sword skills. I will need to learn new Chung kals and the back belt form. Then, I might go for master. While I am a black belt, I might teach classes, but not be too strict. I might also go

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Fun Run for a Good Cause!

3820647981?profile=originalThis Sunday is the 9/11 Hero's Run.  I (Master Wells) is putting together a team to run with me at the 2015 9/11 Heroes Run on September 13, 2015. I will be doing the 5k you can run, walk, or jog it.     If you are interested in registering please click this link and register with the Mercer Island Martial Arts team you still have a chance. 

or come and talk to me. 

My email is wells@mercerislandmartialarts.

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Counselor in Training Program

3820643520?profile=originalWe have had a lot of questions regarding our training for future camp counselors --- our Counselor In Training Program -- so thought we would pass on the info here.   If you are interested in finding out more, or to see if your "tween" or teen, is appropriate for the program please feel free to contact us.  

Each member of the Counselor In Training Program is selected on the basis of his/her potential to be an excellent counselor, instructor, and role model. Junior Counselors are leaders in cam

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HEY, it's the PARADE!

Come one, come all!   Big, and small.  

Support our school.   Be really cool.

Seriously, we would love to have everyone possible in our posse.  
Parents, kids, adults, senior citizens --- puppies?

Meet us at the school for face painting, (optional of course, but how fun really?) at 9am, Saturday the 14th of July.

Little ones, we are going to be dressing you up in "Anti Bully Super Kid" outfits!

Everyone else, wear your tshirt, or uniform.

Wear shoes, if you want to kick, that are comfortable

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Five for Friday

100608_five_things_think_kranz_lg.jpgThis week lets talk about next week.   What five things are you going to get done.   The five things you will get done, regardless of all those things that come up, the phone ringing, the seemingly urgent, yet unimportant.  

five things.  

I'll get us started in the notes below.   Have a happy Friday, and a fantastic weekend!

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Community Service - Volunteer Project

Volunteering at a pre-school – Volunteer project                                                         6/12/2012-6/14/2012

To complete my volunteer hours 3820642013?profile=originalfor my black belt, I needed 6 more hours. So, I asked my sister’s school if I could help out for class. I was able to do this because I was out of school the week before. I spent three hours every morning for two days at the Cougar Mountain Montessori School.

What is funny is that I went to the same school when I was little, and the teachers I

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Self-Defense is Found in the Simple Things

Kindness-in-words-creates-confidence.jpg We teach self-defense --and self-defense is found in the simplest of things. Kindness, for example is a beautiful form of self-defense. Good food --and the appreciation of it; there’s a fine, fine kind of self-defense.


Oh, and how about love of community? Participation in --and love for --one’s community is a kind of self-defense that’s impossible to put a value on. And my favorite kind of self-defense is found in a simple rule, The Golden Rule, which I like with a bit of a twist:

Respect othe

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You didn’t start your study of the martial arts to “go through the motions” of it all, did you? Of course you didn’t, but look around you in your next class and I’ll bet you spot a number of your classmates doing that very thing, going through the motions. It’s human nature to get distracted, to multi-task, and wander off course.

To deepen and strengthen your practice so that you stay on the mark and make reasonable progress, I offer you these 10 time-tested, Tom-tested tips:

1. As often as you c
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Tricking Class Starts Next Week

whatstricking.jpgAlways wanted to learn how they do those tricks in the movies?  Wondered how they look they are flying?  Now is your chance to learn how to do a martial arts "tricking" or cinematic martial arts. Parents this class will be safe and fun.   Here's a link  of the finished product 

Teens adults Mondays at 7pm

Children Fridays at 4:15pm

All experience levels.   Previous Martial Arts training not necessary.  $225  Th

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