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Our kids are working so hard in our camps.  Not only do they do 3-4 formal martial arts classes per day, but they are also making daily trips to one of our amazing parks on Mercer Island.  They are playing active games, sports, and moving around most of the day.  This kind of activity burns a ton of calories-- plus kids grow so much during the summer, it's sometimes hard to keep up with their caloric needs.  As, parents you want to keep your kids healthy, so I found this link via Cooking Light f

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How martial arts gets me through my week....

I have what can be a very exhausting job. I spend much of my time as a palliative medicine physician helping the sickest patients cope with their illnesses, support their families through their illness, and balance the delicate line between hope and reality. I see a lot of patients transition though the last days of their lives. I see reconciliations, lives well lived, peace; I also see mourning of lost time, regrets of things not done, and fear of the unknown. All of these things give me perspe

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American Cancer Society Relay for Life

I am papp_full_proxy.php?app=40151154689&v=1&size=z&cksum=d9aedc186c45ed2fa100fc96651783fd& in the American Cancer Society-Relay For Life in memory of Mike Wellings, Dick Lundquist, David Cribbs and my mother who was a 20 year survivor of Cancer, and in support of Lois Lundquist who is currently battling breast cancer. This is a disease that knows no boundaries and takes a huge toll not only on those fighting the disease but their friends, family and caregivers. If you can contribute to my goal of 100.00 I would be forever grateful.   You can donate using the link be

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Great Site for Kids

This site has amazing resources for kids. Here is a link to the page with a whole bunch of kid friendly games from learning about recycling, cyber bullying, safe internet use, and more. It is really cool. : Here is one of their tip sheets for kids, and you will find a game corresponding to it.
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Bicycles for Humanity Seattle


Bicycles for Humanity donation booth at the Mercer Island Summer Celebration.

Event Description

Your unused bicycle can help South African children travel miles to school, healthcare workers reach distant villages or the employed get to work or start their own business.
Bicycles for Humanity-Seattle plans to ship 1,000 bicycles to the KwaZulu-Natal
region of South Africa where two wheels can transport villagers from poverty to a better life.

Fair attendees

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