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Five for Friday

100608_five_things_think_kranz_lg.jpgThis week lets talk about next week.   What five things are you going to get done.   The five things you will get done, regardless of all those things that come up, the phone ringing, the seemingly urgent, yet unimportant.  

five things.  

I'll get us started in the notes below.   Have a happy Friday, and a fantastic weekend!

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Five for Friday~! GOALS

goal-sm1.jpgAs we are turning the corner from spring to summer, and this weekend it may even be 80 degrees, I'm refreshing my goals, and wondering about yours!   We are seriously interested in hearing, knowing, and helping you reach your goals.  So, for this Five Friday --  list five of your goals.   big, or small.   Lets be bold.   Make a statement, hold ourselves to the fire, dream bigger, and help each other achieve!

I'll start:

1.  continue my Shrinking Master quest --(recently at a bit of a stall as I

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