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How martial arts gets me through my week....

I have what can be a very exhausting job. I spend much of my time as a palliative medicine physician helping the sickest patients cope with their illnesses, support their families through their illness, and balance the delicate line between hope and reality. I see a lot of patients transition though the last days of their lives. I see reconciliations, lives well lived, peace; I also see mourning of lost time, regrets of things not done, and fear of the unknown. All of these things give me perspe

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50421_124319971030065_1237244330_n.jpgAs some of you know, and some of you are participating, or just signed in supporting the team:  I have launched into a major process:  The Incredible Shrinking Master Project.

The project is about facilitating the realization of my dreams and hopes for health, and fitness as well as to inspire others to dream bigger, and to believe in their ability to become their own Shrinking Masters. To have fun, learn, change, laugh, push myself to the limits, and to channel my doggedly persistent, slightly

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The amazing wonders of water

3820636471?profile=originalI had always been told that one of the best ways to stay healthy and maintain a healthy weight was to drink plenty of water.   So I was curious what the research said on how much water was good for you, and why it promotes a healthy weight. 


A 2010 study done by Brenda Davy, PhD where she took 48 adults all on a low calorie diet and divided them into two groups one drank two glasses of water before a meal and one didn't.  The participants who drank 2 glasses of water prior to their meal lost a

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A few "Things"

In the martial arts, to make true and worthwhile progress, you would do well to have a few "things." 

One of those things is patience. Patience means you look at the long-term benefits of steady, consistent training; not too hard and not to easy, but training that’s varied, interesting, and --eventually --both meditative and challenging. 

Another thing is the big picture view. Your martial arts practice should not be limited to --or even predominately on --the mat. The awareness, the calmness, t

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There are some obvious benefits that young and old alike garner from studying the martial arts. The first one is in the exercise involved. Exercise, if it’s tailored for the age and ability of the participant, is good for the body, the mind, and, yes, often good for the spirit too.

A not-so-obvious benefit of studying the martial arts is the often unspoken requirement to “be present” in the practice. “When you’re dealing with kicks, punches, and arm-bars,” says veteran martial arts teacher Tom

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My weekly push for 2nd Dan (week 5)

Hello, I spent the last week sick with the flu. Man was that a drag, the only thing good that came from being sick was that I lost some more weight. I am down to 214lbs. now. Now it is time to build  muscle

I had a good time in class Thursday, I wanted to do more, but baby steps right now.

I will do more next week.  See you in class!

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