excercise (2)

I have been thinking a lot about building and creating habits, and how habits are formed, and how they affect daily life.  And I often reflect upon one of Newton’s laws of physics and how it helps me to illustrate habits and practice especially in terms of "motion" read as "exercise".  


About six months ago I was going really strong working out on a regular schedule, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water.  Then I slowly had a few days of not working out, eating out a little too much, not dr

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There are some obvious benefits that young and old alike garner from studying the martial arts. The first one is in the exercise involved. Exercise, if it’s tailored for the age and ability of the participant, is good for the body, the mind, and, yes, often good for the spirit too.

A not-so-obvious benefit of studying the martial arts is the often unspoken requirement to “be present” in the practice. “When you’re dealing with kicks, punches, and arm-bars,” says veteran martial arts teacher Tom

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