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Black Belt Candidate Essay

    Once I become a black belt I want to go for higher rankings. I want to
watch my friends that are a lower belt than me recieve their black belt as
well. And I want to stay in the dojang for as long as I can. I want to be a
black belt that is looked up to and admired. I want to also help other kids
fulfill their dreams of becoming a black belt and let them feel the same
feeling that seems to swell up in your chest whenever you get a new belt. I
want to see these kids become a black belt and once I l
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My experience of doing community projects.

      I thought that sorting clothes and filling up bags with clothes was
going to be super boring. But instead I had a great time! What made me sad
though was the fact that there were so many kids in this world with barely
any clothes. But then I thought of how happy they were going to be recieving
the clothes. All in all doing this made me proud!
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My Five Living Heroes

     My first hero is my gu-zheng teacher Shirley. She is great with the gu-zheng and I admire her for that.

     My second hero is my private gymnastics teacher Celia who is super flexible and nice and fun!

     My third hero is Dr.Bailey who was my flute teacher in fifth grade who was absolutely great with the flute.

     My fourth hero is Mrs.Larkin who is my 3/4 block teacher who really likes cultures and it is fun to tell her about China.

     My fifth hero is My Mom who always listens to me an

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