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Common Courtesy

soccer.jpgOne beautiful afternoon last summer, the little ninja and I (or more correctly, the little Messi at that particular moment), stopped by the Park on the Lid to work on our soccer skills before heading down the hill for TKD.   We were going through our usual drills a little pass & run, some fancy footwork and shooting.   There was a goal set up and we were taking advantage of it.  Call me optimistic but I am reasonably certain that even casual observer would have been able to tell we were taking p

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explanation of dojang etiquette

There are simple reasons, and more complex reasons, why etiquette is
still strictly enforced in traditional martial arts schools. Since I
keep getting asked about it, I thought I'd summarize the major reasons
why, in my experience, etiquette is so important in the martial arts.

1. SAFETY. I can't overstate this. So much of etiquette revolves aroundSafety_first.jpg
providing a safe and challenging training atmosphere. Don't talk while
the Sa Bum Nim is talking, or you might miss something crucial, which
could l

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 tax-credit-jeepers-this-is-a-life-saver.jpg1.    Exercise is a life-saver.

2.    Self-defense training can, in a worst-case scenario, be a life-saver.

3.    There’s more talk and focus on respect, courtesy, and self-discipline in a week of our martial arts lessons than the average young person will hear in a year of TV and computer time.


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