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BE AWESOME! Mid-Winter Break Camp 2019

3820655414?profile=originalLearn kicks, tricks, and combos!  A cool Demonstration Form, Trick Battles, and Kick Competition!  Also awesome character training:

Build AWESOME POWERS:  Be unique, stand out, show respect to self and others.  Build friendships, build confidence, and be a good sport.  All part of being AWESOME!

Register Now -- Space is very limited:  Be Awesome Camp!

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nine_doctrines.gifMy life as a black belt will vary depending on my further goals and the type of black belt I want to be.

What are my goals upon having reached my black belt for my future training and learning?

I will go for instructor. This will require my own nunchuck/sword form (one of each), but I may need to improve my sword skills. I will need to learn new Chung kals and the back belt form. Then, I might go for master. While I am a black belt, I might teach classes, but not be too strict. I might also go

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Sexual Assault Prevention: 1 in 6

1-in-6%20copy.jpg44% of victims are under age 18

80%    are under age 30

What can we do?  

Be prepared.  Getting training, building oneself up mentally and emotionally, gaining confidence, having a few good, go to moves.   Being trained in avoidance, in knowing what one will do or not do.  

I have worked with so many women, and girls, AFTER they have been assaulted.   I am currently of the opinion, that self-defense training, and foundations in education regarding prevention ought to be as common as learning

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Self-Defense: Reality Based

We are affiliated with and teach FAST Defense, the most transformational journey into Conflict Resolution and Personal Protection you will ever experience!  FAST Defense has been designed by the country’s top experts in the Personal Empowerment/Self Defense Industry.
 This course is a scientifically developed program covering 3 crucial components for effective confidence and personal safety:

1.  Awareness Skills:  To detect and avoid the most common hostile situations found in everyday life.

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00000000000000018626.pngWelcome back for another insightfully riveting brain dump from the Tae Kwon Dad.  I want to give a big shout out to all the new Black Belts, and everybody else who moved a notch closer to their Black Belts and a thank you for providing me with the perfect segue to this week’s topic.

Confidence Earned Through Accomplishment

This is a true result from a recent survey conducted by Intel – 85% of U.S. high school students surveyed rated themselves as highly confident in their mathematical abilities (t

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