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MIMA News by Impressive Kids

Here is the latest edition/episode of the MIMA news.   This program is entirely filmed, planned, reported by, and uploaded by the young martial artists of MIMA.   They are a remarkable bunch indeed.   And how great that they are learning how to communicate with such a powerful tool.   I really admire these kids, the ones in front of the camera, and behind it as well.   


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3820636173?profile=originalExpect there to be one or more experienced teachers on the floor in your child’s class. Expect the teacher to, at times, appear to have the patience of Job. Expect a bit more, Oh how shall we say it? ENERGY, every so often. Expect the teacher, whether gently guiding everyone along or cranking up the troops, to wear a smile (a happy one!).  

Expect a lot of talk about respect, about leadership, about good manners, about anger, about a whole bunch of things just about any parent would love to hear

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