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community project wrapping gifts

    _vector-ribbons-preview2-by-dragonart.png?w=495&h=299 Sitting around in the center of Northgate Mall, ready to wrap gifts for the Cancer Children Careline. Although people were not coming, as anticipated by the organizer, at this early season. But, our presence drawed peoples attention to our little booth. I took out an ribbon and started pulling the flaps soon making a pretty blue flower. I pulled out a cell phone and checked the time, 5:30PM,yay. Just 3 and a 1/2 hours to go! As the clock ticks away I pass the time by going on the Kindle Fir

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community project, carousel, redo

  seattle_carousel.jpg   I watched all the family members get off the carousel, all waving and smiling. I ask many of them if they want a bag, but only a few say yes. I looked over at the donation bucket and notice that there is more gifts in there. Yay! Another ride another crowd over and over again. Each time seeing more and more happy families. I hope that treehouse will get lots of people and let foster children be that way. Ahhhhhh, Christmas

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community project carousel

     Treehouse-logo-horiz-green-w.tagline-950x534.jpgThis project is to help treehouse a foster child program. Me and my mom are supposed to wait at the carousel exit and hand people donation bags. Lots of people came and many had donations and wanted a bag, then they would head to a shop and come back for another ride and give us the things they bought. All of a sudden lights are flashing in a nearby building and a annoying beep beep beep sound came out. About 20-30 minutes later the firefighters arrived and sat there for a long time. Figuri

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