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Hero Entry 3 - Lawrence Li

3820641144?profile=originalMy dear older brother, we’ve watched each other grow up since… well the day we were born! Although we had our bumps growing up with our seven year age difference, you have always watched over me. When you came back from college, both of us were a bit older and a bit wiser, and we practically became friends, and not the bickering little boys that we once were. Even though we’re almost exact opposites of each other, I could not ask for a better brother. You can teach me what you know, and I can te

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My Living Heroes by Michael L.

My  Living Heroes.

  1. 3820638129?profile=original My first living hero is KSN Ulityonok. He is my hero because he was and is a very respectful man. Another reason why he is my hero because he trained me harder than I imagine and many life skills.
  2. One hero I’m also ever grateful for is Forest because I followed his leadership and gained access to many other skills. My second reason I chose Forest is he was a true friend not like a friend who just leaves you hanging.
  3. Another hero who is my family is my brother George. The reas
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