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JackieChan.jpg?width=159Jackie Chan


To me Jackie is a noble hero, but I prefer Bruce Lee. But since he is no longer alive, and I need to write on a living hero, I had no either choice than Jackie Chan.


Jackie Chan kind of looks like a ninja monkey when he does all his fancy kicks & spins, unlike Bruce that  goes strong and stiff on his enemies but also has a handful of speed. They both have completely different styles and technique.


Jackie is not only an awesome martial artist, but he is also a very generous person he

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A Bright and Shiny New Belt?

    3820637257?profile=original So lately there have been a few projects for the younger students that focus on their future goals...such as making Black Belt.  Also, talking to people that are getting close to that goal has been kinda ramping me up for my next step.  Sometimes it's still surreal for to look down and see that black belt tied on my waist.  Its been almost 2years, but the novelty of this particular achievement hasn't worn off! 

     As some of you may or may not know, TaeKwonDo isn't the martial art that I i

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Shinai%20Bamboo%20Sword.jpg?width=308I am  little late posting this one, sorry about that. Things are a little busy at work this last week. I had a good week of training, the workshop we had Wednesday was so much fun. I know I have a lot to learn with weapons, but I am hungry for knowledge. 

 My mother in-law earned her black belt in Hap Ki Do Saturday. Go mom! I find that so inspirational. 

 That means that I need to keep focused on my goal of 2nd Dan. I will make it, I know I will.

 See you in class.

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