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Please feel free to upload your photos and videos as well!   We can add them to the record of a memorable testing.  If you don't know how please ask, we would love to see your pics/videos.  I haven't processed my photos yet (technical difficulty), so more to come for sure.   Congratulations to you all!  And don't miss CGNs Nelson and Sams as they do a make up due to the weather in February.

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Also, check out this weeks MI reporte

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Black Belt questions

1. What are my goals upon having reached black belt for my future training and learning?


My first goal is to become a second dan before I graduate from high school. I look forward to mentoring future students working toward their black belt. In martial arts I learned to focus which helps me in fencing and in school.

2. What kind of black belt will I be?  (what kind of example do I expect to set?)


The kind of black belt I want to be is one that stands up for my community when someone i

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explanation of dojang etiquette

There are simple reasons, and more complex reasons, why etiquette is
still strictly enforced in traditional martial arts schools. Since I
keep getting asked about it, I thought I'd summarize the major reasons
why, in my experience, etiquette is so important in the martial arts.

1. SAFETY. I can't overstate this. So much of etiquette revolves aroundSafety_first.jpg
providing a safe and challenging training atmosphere. Don't talk while
the Sa Bum Nim is talking, or you might miss something crucial, which
could l

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Sparring Tips

I came upon a list of sparring tips on line, and thought it would be good to make one for us.  3820638376?profile=original

Size up your opponent before you engage. If he strikes first then you know he is an OFFENSIVE fighter. If he waits for your attack then you know he is a DEFENSIVE fighter.

Try to get your opponent to attack first, either by a fake or taunt. You will quickly learn what technique your opponent relies on, (every fighter has their favorite technique) then plan a counter for that attack.


Do not telegraph

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