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Self-Defense: Reality Based

We are affiliated with and teach FAST Defense, the most transformational journey into Conflict Resolution and Personal Protection you will ever experience!  FAST Defense has been designed by the country’s top experts in the Personal Empowerment/Self Defense Industry.
 This course is a scientifically developed program covering 3 crucial components for effective confidence and personal safety:

1.  Awareness Skills:  To detect and avoid the most common hostile situations found in everyday life.

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What Can You Do If You Are Sexually Harassed?

Sexual-Harassment1.jpgThere is no one way to respond to harassment. Every situation is different and only you can evaluate the problem and decide on the best response.

Friends, affirmative action officers, human resource professionals and women's groups can offer information, advice and support, but only you can decide what is right for you. The only thing you can be absolutely certain of is that ignoring the situation will not cause it to go away. Above all, DO NOT BLAME

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We all think in pictures.  Many times what we see in our mind translates to what we end up with in reality.  The great challenge lies in being able to control what kind of pictures play in the theater of our mind!

What kind of thoughts do you habitually think?  What kind of thoughts does your child habitually think?  Although we would like to believe our thoughts are of success, accomplishment, and a bright future, they may not always be. If we took an inventory of our thoughts we might discover

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