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Don't Fear the Test

   3820637199?profile=original  So over my time practicing Marttial Arts I've known a few people to get really stressed about belt tests.  Myself included.  Understandably so, it's stressful.  Of course you want to make progress and be rewarded for it, but then there's always the doubting voice in the back of your head. 

    There are numerous ways to cope with stressors, too many to talk about here.  Some people shout, some cry, some bottle it all up, some run, some fall, some people stand up and take it head on.  No matt

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A Bright and Shiny New Belt?

    3820637257?profile=original So lately there have been a few projects for the younger students that focus on their future goals...such as making Black Belt.  Also, talking to people that are getting close to that goal has been kinda ramping me up for my next step.  Sometimes it's still surreal for to look down and see that black belt tied on my waist.  Its been almost 2years, but the novelty of this particular achievement hasn't worn off! 

     As some of you may or may not know, TaeKwonDo isn't the martial art that I i

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Treat your body better!

Last week I was watching a lot of 'Grey's Anatomy' at home.  If you have some how missed out on this show, it's a hospital drama that is arguably the most depressing show in television.  But it's an awesome show! 

Much of what I watched involved people dying (as it usually does) but one particular case involved a man losing half of his leg.  Now adays with the development of prothetics, it's probable that this man will be able to continue life as for 3820635868?profile=originalthe few months of physical thera

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In the Black Belt classes, we have been working on new material...a Black Belt Poomse, and some Hapkeido wrist lock moves.  It's all super fun!  I've always looked forward to those classes in particular, but especially now.  Last week's classes were a little much.  Meaning I took A LOT of falls, which my low back and hips absolutely did not approve of.  It'll get better though.  My body just needs time to adapt.

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