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Don't Fear the Test

   3820637199?profile=original  So over my time practicing Marttial Arts I've known a few people to get really stressed about belt tests.  Myself included.  Understandably so, it's stressful.  Of course you want to make progress and be rewarded for it, but then there's always the doubting voice in the back of your head. 

    There are numerous ways to cope with stressors, too many to talk about here.  Some people shout, some cry, some bottle it all up, some run, some fall, some people stand up and take it head on.  No matt

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How to help your kid with social anxiety:

Maybe it has happened to you before…. Your daughter is scheduled for her first dance lesson, martial arts class, or soccer game and you get her to the class or the field and she freezes!  She just doesn’t want to get into the class or step on to the field!  Your son’s first baseball game is Saturday and he’s been talking about it all week..”I can’t wait to hit the ball, I can’t wait to run the bases, I can’t wait.”  Then when the time comes to get his baseball uniform on he refuses! Or how about

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